Frequenty Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most Frequenty Asked Questions


Can I order online?

No, we do not have a way to accept online orders


Do you accept credit cards?

No, as a small business we want to keep our prices as low as possible and at this time it is hard to justify the credit card fees.


Do you ship?

Yes, please call the shop for additional information about how to place an order over the phone.  Please note that shipping costs are expensive.  As a small business we do not get the shipping breaks larger companies get.  


When are you open?

I am working on updating the official hours we are open, but if you are traveling any distance I would reccomend calling ahead.  As a small business with very few employees our hours could change without notice.  


Locations that sell your products?

I am working on putting together a list of stores that sell our product.  



1277 E ST John #C


San Jose, CA 95116

Phone: (408) 279-8130